Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Capitulation and Surrender

382 x 500 pixels - 32 KB
SS surrender

1280 x 866 pixels - 191 KB
Young Heer soldiers with their American captor

500 x 274 pixels - 146 KB
german soldiers armed with mg-34s and Kar 98 rifle escorting two russian POWs (russia 1941)

617 x 480 pixels - 151 KB
the U.S. Army did its best to care for and feed the POWs, one at a time

795 x 596 pixels - 102 KB
POW camp for women at Sinzig, Germany

795 x 596 pixels - 111 KB
A group of POW's in a bomb crater at a the POW Camp at Sinzsig, Germany. One of the prisoners is shown making potato soup, which is the most popular dish of the camp. Several types of living quarters are also shown

640 x 449 pixels - 52,7 KB
German capitulation, signed by Alfred Jodl and Hans-Georg von Friedeburg

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