Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mud At The Front

756 x 635 pixels - 331 KB
This is a rare find! A COLOR foto signed by BOTH Waffen SS General Herbert Gille and Gauleiter of Bavaria Paul Giesler. General Gille was one of only 27 men to win the Swords, Oak Leaves and Diamonds to the Knight's Cross. General Gille was the most highly decorated of ANY Waffen SS man during the war. Bavarian Gauleiter Paul Giesler commited suicide in 1945, so you know this foto is older than that.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oberstleutnant Hans Philipp

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Hans Philipp at Coquelles, France, August 1940

530 x 640 pixels - 49,7 KB
Major Hans Philipp

1130 x 1405 pixels - 334 KB
Hauptmann Hans Philipp holding baby wolf

Generaloberst Günther Korten

574 x 812 pixels - 48,7 KB
Günther Korten as General der Flieger